Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation Made Simple

Smart Home Services have become the single biggest trend in the modern home. With voice controls, added security, and shared device controls for the whole family, there’s no need to walk across the house to adjust the temperature, turn on the lights, or check who’s at the front door. Read on to see a few examples of what we can install in your smart home.

Smart Thermostat Installation with Tri-County

One of the best reasons we’ve seen to have a smart thermostat installed in a home is for the elderly folks in our lives. For those with older parents, think about the numbers of calls you’ve gotten from them trying to figure out how to control the temperature. With a smart thermostat, you can log into their system on your phone, dial in the temperature they want, and go about your day.

Sometimes the temperature in one room is different from another. Room sensors can help your HVAC system get a more accurate reading as to how to heat or cool your home. Smart Thermostats allow the tech savvy (and family of the tech savvy) to save energy and stay comfortable all year round.
Carrier Smart Thermostat with Voice Control by Ecobee | Smart Home Installation | Smart Thermostats | Tri-County Air Service | TRICOAC.COM

Carrier Smart | WiFi Thermostat Installation

Carrier, partnered with Ecobee, offers a line of Wi Fi Thermostats with proprietary synergies that you won’t be able to find with other Smart Thermostat on the market. With your iOS or Android device, you can make minute adjustments to temperature, humidity, airflow, and ventilation on your Carrier unit from any location in the world.
Nest Thermostat by Google | Smart Home Installation | Smart Thermostats | Tri-County Air Service | TRICOAC.COM

Nest Thermostats by Google

Google’s Nest Learning Thermostats are great for those who want the convenience of having their homes heated or cooled according to their life schedules. Nest can learn when you get up, when the family leaves, and when it’s time for bed and adjust the temperature settings accordingly.

Smart Doorbell Installations with Tri-County

Ring Smart Doorbell | Smart Home Installation | Tri-County Air Service INC | TRICOAC.COM

Ring Doorbell Products for the Smart Home

Ring offers several models which can be paired into their Wired Video Doorbell series and their Battery (or wireless) Video Doorbells. Ring’s devices offer more direct integration with Amazon, versus Nest’s affiliation with Google. Ring offers cloud-based photo and video storage options based on the plan you’ve selected with them.

Reasons to choose a Ring Doorbell:

  • 1080p HD video resolution (for most models)
  • A variety of faceplate finishes
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • 150°-160° field-of-view
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Black & White Night Vision (for most models), Color for Pro model and higher.
Nest Smart Doorbell by Google | Smart Home Installation | Tri-County Air Service INC | TRICOAC.COM

Nest Doorbells by Google

Google’s Smart Home Nest Doorbells come in two flavors: the Nest Doorbell (wired) and the Nest Doorbell (battery). The wired version is powered by your home’s main power, can use your existing chimes, and should be professionally installed. The latter is easier to install, but will require occasional battery changes.

Some of the Benefits of a Nest Doorbell by Google:

  • HD video security camera
  • 24/7 streaming security system
  • Night Vision
  • 160° field-of-view
  • HDR video to see sharp details in the dark
  • Person / object recognition
  • Prerecorded quick responses for visitors

Smart Home, Smart Business, Smart Living.

These are just a few of the smart features we can install in your home or business. Consider smart door locks, security cameras, smoke detectors, and much more. Call (601) 928-9110 to discover more about Tri-County Air Service’s Smart Home Installations.


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