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Save Money, Stay Comfortable with an HVAC Maintenance Agreement.

There’s no convenient time for your air conditioning system to break down in South Mississippi. Whether you’re on the sandy Gulf Coast or in the gentle hills of Hattiesburg, the summer heat in our area is intense, and few things are worse than having extended family over for dinner when your HVAC system is down.

When these emergencies happen, many times you have to deal with costly repairs, overtime labor charges, and more. Of course, the best way to avoid this circumstance is preventative maintenance provided by an HVAC maintenance agreement contract with Tri-County Air Service, INC.
HVAC-AC Maintenance Agreement | Tri-County Air Service | TRICOAC

What's Included in a HVAC Maintenance Agreement with Tri-County Air Service?

  • Bi-annual inspections of your entire HVAC system
    • Every Maintenance Service Agreement with Tri-County Air Service includes two Heating and Furnace inspections every year
  • For HVAC systems with gas furnaces, we will:
    • check your furnace's safety switches
    • check your furnace's flame sensors
    • monitor for carbon monoxide levels
  • Wash your condenser unit and condenser coil
  • Check your thermostat's operation
  • Clean your system's air return cavity and inspect and non-filtered air bypasses
  • Inspect, tighten, and test all electrical connections and service disconnects
  • Test condenser and air handler unit capacitors
  • Test contactor relay and inspect for visible damage, like burns and pitting
  • Inspect all safety controls, condensate drain lines, and pan switches (if installed)
  • Check refrigerant pressure, record superheat and sub-cool temperatures
  • Blow-out and sanitize condensate and pan lines
  • Monitor and record condenser fan and air handler blower motor line amperage
  • Measure compressor starting and running amps, line voltage, and control voltage
  • Measure and record temperature split
  • 10% discounts on parts, refrigerant, labor, and service call fees
  • We'll provide a thorough report of our inspection results

Residential HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Our residential HVAC service agreements are perfect for homeowners looking to a) save money on their monthly energy bills and b) extend the life of their HVAC equipment. Many times, a yearly HVAC maintenance plan will easily for itself when considering emergency repairs, energy efficiency, and HVAC system replacement.

An HVAC maintenance contract with Tri-County Air Services is especially beneficial to those with secondary homes. If you own a hunting cabin in Forrest county or a beach house in Biloxi, you will greatly benefit from an HVAC Maintenance Agreement. Routine maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system is important for any home. However, situations for which the home remains unused for large periods of time can greatly diminish an HVAC system’s performance and lifespan.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Business owners know the importance of keeping their HVAC systems in good working order with a commercial HVAC service agreement. A downed air conditioner or furnace can risk the life of the business in private industries.

When priority service maintenance visits are paramount, consider an HVAC Monthly service Agreement with Tri-County Air Services. We’ll have a commercial HVAC maintenance contract that will fit businesses of any size.

More importantly, as one of the highest-rated HVAC companies in lower Mississippi, rest easy knowing that we’ll be with you and your business for the long term.

Ductwork Cleaning & Installation

Part of extending the life of your system and keeping your family, your employees, and your customers healthy is making sure your HVAC system’s air ducts are properly cleaned and installed. Click the link to more about Tri-County Air Service’s Ductwork Cleaning & Installation services.

Our HVAC Repair Services

Regular maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, efficiently, and for the long term, but unexpected issues can still occur with even the best equipment. Read more about Tri-County Air Service’s HVAC Repair Services.

Our HVAC Installation Services

Are you well out of warranty, and beyond 10 years of service with your existing air conditioning unit or furnace? We’ll design the perfect system for your home or business’s needs, and, more importantly, for your budget. Learn more about our new HVAC Installation Services.

Learn More About Insulation Installation

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

This brief article by the U.S. Department of Energy gives a brief rundown on some parts of your AC system which will require regular maintenance.


U.S. Department of Energy: Furnaces and Boilers

Read about what the U.S. Department of Energy recommends regarding boiler and furnace maintenance.


Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA): HVAC Preventive Maintenance is Essential

See these six reasons why the Indoor Air Quality Associate recommends regular HVAC maintenance.


HVAC-AC Maintenance Agreement | WG servicing outdoor unitHVAC-AC Maintenance Agreement | HVAC technician unloading work van | Tri-County Air Service | TRICOAC
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