Tri-County Air Service is Proud to Provide ac-repair Mississippi

At Tri-County Air Service, we understand it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of heating and air conditioning companies which pop up when searching for “ac repair near me” in the city of Hattiesburg, MS and its surrounding areas. What differentiates us from other heating and cooling companies nearby?

We could cite our consistently-high customer satisfaction scores, or that we’re a family-owned and operated business, or that we always place your needs above trying to make a new air conditioning system sale on service calls. We could reference that we’ve worked in the Gulf Coast, Hattiesburg, and Wiggins areas for years, and we know the people and the communities here. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these.

We do know that our University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles fans in the Hub City have always given us glowing reviews for our customer service and HVAC technician teams. We know that while our Hattiesburg, MS neighbors don’t need to worry as much about salt air corrosion of their systems as our Gulf Coast customers, they do need to deal with high humidity and air quality.

We’re experts in all kinds of cooling systems. From ductless air conditioners, to central air conditioning systems, we’re able to perform ac repairs on almost every ac unit make and model. We’ll work fast to make sure you’re getting cool air again.
Old Union Rail Station | AC Repair Hattiesburg, MS | Tri-County Air Service |

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  • Old Union Rail Station | AC Repair Hattiesburg, MS | Tri-County Air Service |
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